Common Questions

  • Where does the data come from?

    All cases statuses are collected from USCIS official website. Currently the database only collects OPT applications (Form I-765) at YSC center. By parsing form number and update date we are able to track the status for each applicaiton.

  • How often do you update the data?

    To prevent flooding USCIS website with intensive scraping requests, the scraper will scan through the dedicated range (for example 1990100000-1990500000) once or twice a day. As the backend keep scraping information into database, the website hosting server will refresh several times a day to populate the newest data. The last refresh time is shown on the front page.

  • Why are there less cases processed in the last several days shown in the Case Processed chart?

    1. The USCIS website updates cases randomly in the daytime, if the scraper has already scanned passed a later updated case, the new status will not be collected until next scan.

    2. The date on USCIS website will have delays from its real proccessed time. For example, a case might be processed and updated on Aug 1st. However its status may not show up on USCIS website until Aug 2nd-3rd.

    3. There will be other forms (I-130 etc.) processed at the same center, so the update rate for Form I-765 might be affected if there is another wave of applications. This website only shows statistics for Form I-765 including the Case Updated Chart.

  • Why is Case Status chart have different case counts in each column?

    As discussed above, the YSC center also processes other applications and the chart shows I-765 status only.

  • How can I help this website ?

    1. You can report any questions/suggestions/errors by emailing whtttth@gmail.com or leaving a comment.

    2. You can kindly DONATE to this project and help covering server/web cost.

    3. I am working on open source this project on github so that anyone interested could contribute to the project development.

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